Common Questions Parents Ask About a Pediatric Dentist

Parents, you are responsible for your children’s teeth. You need to work closely with a paediatric dentist so you would how to handle your child’s tooth-related concerns. Here are the things you need to know about a pediatric dentist in Dubai.


What is the difference between pediatric dentists and other types of dentist?

Orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists and other dental specialists finished dental school. They just took different specializations afterwards. A pediatric dentist is an expert in handling the teeth of children, infants, and adolescents. They are also studied about the behaviour and development of children. Pediatric dentists are very friendly, creative and positive. The interior of their office is usually colourful, attractive and safe for children.


When is the best time to schedule my baby’s first ever visit to the pediatric dentist?

You and your child should see a pediatric dentist within six months after the baby gets his/her first tooth. The dentist could also help you handle some effects of tooth appearance such as fever, pain, difficulty eating and more.


What do I need to expect during my child’s first dental visit?

Dentists keep the first visit informational and short. The dentist usually tries to get to know the patient by asking the parents about the child’s basic information. The dentist would surely check your child’s tooth/teeth, jaw and gums. The doctor can also determine potential dental health problems that may arise and try to prevent them as soon as possible. If needed, you would likely proceed with some cleaning. The dentist would also give you some tips on brushing and provide precautions about your child’s dental health.


We all know baby teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth later on. Why do we need to take care of them?

It’s true that baby teeth don’t last long. However, children’s first few teeth create a big impact on their development. Such baby teeth can help your beloved one smile, chew and utter the right words. Children who lose a tooth earlier than usual because of cavities or damage commonly suffer with misplaced permanent teeth.


How often do we need to visit the pediatric dentist?

The ideal is to visit the dentist every six months. But if the consequences require you to visit the dentist more often, please do so.


If you have other questions in mind about a pediatric dentist, visit the website of Dr. Maya Dental Center and send them an inquiry. They respond to clients right away.