All you need to know about recruitment agencies

Companies just want to take the burden off their shoulders completely. Off-course since they have so much in their plate, it is not easy for them to handle the things. They are so into other business operations that they can’t think of spending their plenty of time in screening candidates and doing such things. It is not easy for them to cop up with so many things.

Here the recruitment agencies come in handy. If you look for a recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi you can easily find one for your business.

Basic chores of recruitment agencies

Companies put their burden on the shoulders of recruitment companies by giving them the responsibility of finding the perfect short-term or long-term staff. Filtration of applications is not an easy task, after all if a company is giving you this responsibility that company considers you worthy and is relying on you so there is no room for error.

First thing here is the team work. Recruitment is not something that can be handled single handedly; it is surely not an easy task. This process takes so much time and manpower, that the recruitment agencies first post the job offers then they get the resumes of multiple applicants. After getting it they thoroughly read all the resumes and make a list of the potential candidates. Well the tale doesn’t end here, after that they properly shortlist the candidates from the list and call them for interview for the different vacant positions. Then after it they conduct a proper interview and after interviewing several candidates they shortlist the best one. This is a quite hectic procedure, now you can imagine how recruitment agencies share your burden and give you so many advantages.

How they carry out the whole process?

It is not like that each and every person starts recruiting in the recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies have a proper infra structure with different tasks assigned to multiple people. There are teams in the recruitment agencies. They split the teams and divide the roles among them. Such as the role of talking to the companies, understanding their requirement, knowing about what type of candidate they want, how many candidates they want. While, the other team handle the task of posting the job offers and collecting the resumes, now after collecting the resumes they short list the candidates and forward it to another team for the purpose of interviewing. Now the other tea interview different candidates and hire them on contractual or permanent basis.

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