Things a good gynecologist never does

We have all been through the different struggles of finding the right gynaecologist who would treat us the right way and make sure all our problems are solved a dealt with. But if still to this date the visit to gynaecologist sounds to be a nerve wrecking process for you then we believe you might be in the wrong direction. Here are some rules of thumb which every gynaecologist should know better not to do.

  • They should never judge you

The main goal of visiting a gynaecologist would be to get yourself examined and treated for the right things and nothing beyond that could scare them. Your sex life or hygiene shouldn’t concern them and you shouldn’t be judged for it at all. There are going to be some extremely personal questions about your private life but they are just for the medical purposes which is why we would suggest you to be completely open and honest about it for the true understanding of the condition.

  • Their personal and cultural beliefs shouldn’t concern you

There can be different ideas and different beliefs concerning about health conditions that everyone seems to follow and so would your gynaecologist. But their beliefs should never interfere with yours because they are not the preachers but instead they are the ones to give you medical advice which is in your best interest. If you find some gynae imposing their beliefs on you and mentioning that you are doing wrong, then you could be in the wrong motor city clinic as the professionals there never do that.

  • They shouldn’t find it their personal right to comment on your body

Yes it is very true in most of the cases that there is always a medical condition involved which would incline your gynaecologist to speak about your weight issues and how it is worsening the condition. They should never make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed about your body nonetheless some medical condition is involved.

  • Your confidentiality should be their top priority

It is not uncommon for people to share family doctors and when this happens, most of the times conversations slip to one another but this shouldn’t be the case because your confidentiality and things discussed privately in a clinical setting are not to be disclosed to others without the consent.

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