Three Times You Need a DNA Test to Solve an Important Issue

Some situations cannot be solved by looking at the pieces of the puzzle that are visible to the naked eye. Some require additional research; others need thorough examination and inferences. Some require experts skills to look at a scene and find something amiss, while others take the careful consideration of a person’s genetic makeup. Most of them use science. Ever since it’s invention, DNA test has helped in countless situations, including the following:


Establishing Paternity


In child support discussions, the issue of paternity often comes up. This helps the court decide if the father needs to pay for child support. Though paternity tests don’t fully determine the need for child support, because claiming the child as one’s own may suffice, it still establishes whether the child is a biological offspring of an individual. Paternity tests have also helped in other situations, such as when a mother has been in a polygamous relationship before giving birth to a child.


Boosting Your Performance


These days, DNA test in Dubai has more use, including in the field of health and weight management. Health experts use DNA tests to determine which diets and processes boost an individual’s performance. Before a health professional recommends a diet or supplements to an individual, they can test the DNA to see gene variations and reactions to fats and carbohydrates. This personalizes their recommendations, which work because each person’s genetic makeup is different. Visit this website for more information on DNA’s use in boosting the body’s weight loss process.


Solving a Case


You’re probably familiar with crime scene investigation in TV shows where the investigators are dusting for fingerprints and looking for stray hairs in places where they shouldn’t be found. These are sources of DNA that they test against their database to find a match. Anyone who has committed a crime or has been under the investigation of the police may already have their DNA on file, making the police’s investigation easier. If the DNA is not on file, however, authorities may ask suspects to cooperate in the investigation through allowing a DNA test.

It’s amazing to think of how far science and technology have come. What used to be the unknown a few decades ago are actually helping the authorities catch criminals and improve a person’s health and wellness. And as science continues to progress, it won’t be surprising to see it take a giant leap in the near future.