5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Invalign Braces

A straight and perfectly aligned set of teeth is a thing of beauty. It can help you make a good first impression and also help you boost your morale and confidence. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with perfect pearly whites. But the good news is, we can take matter into our own hands and aligned those teeth to achieve the perfect smile – thanks to orthodontist Dubai dental professionals.


These dental professionals offer a number of solutions and one of the most popular is the invisalign. Invisalign are custom-fitted aligners that dental patients wear to correct misaligned teeth. They are invisible so dental patients are comfortable to go out and do their day-to-day routine without having to worry about the appearance of their teeth.


Since it can do wonders for your dental issues, it is a must that you take good care of it. Invisalign Dubai dental professionals offer are top notch, but we still need to take good care of them for your own dental health.  Check out some tips that you can follow to ensure that your aligners are on tiptop condition.


  1. Take your oral hygiene seriously


This is a cliché but very important tip to remember. Invisalign wearers should take good care of their teeth. Remember that your Invisalign is doing its best to fix the alignment but you should also do your best to take good care of your pearly whites. Brush and floss regularly and follow your dentist’s orders to a letter.


  1. Take good care of your aligners


Your aligners need some TLC too, so ensure that they are clean and bacteria-free. Unmaintained Invisalign promote bacteria growth which can lead to a foul-smelling Invisalign. Clean your aligners with anti-bacterial soap and brush them gently. Your orthodontist will provide you with the right cleaning materials.


  1. Make a habit of rinsing them when you take them out


Some dental patients have this habit of leaving them for hours after taking them out. It is a must that you rinse and dry them to prevent bacteria formation from saliva and plaque. But do rinse them using a mouthwash as it might damage your aligner. Use the right cleaner to avoid damage.


  1. Take note on where you store your aligners


Yes, the storage of your aligners is important. Be sure that the case is dry and sanitized before putting your aligners. Wet and damp case can lead to bacteria formation and can ruin your aligners.



  1. Remove them when eating


It is a big no-no to wear your aligners while eating. This can do a great damage on your aligners. Take them off before you eat or drink anything. Rinse them immediately and put them in the case to prevent it from being misplaced.