Facts About The United Kingdom

This pandemic has restricted us from different things and we can only wait but for those who will be moving back to UK from Dubai by international moving in Dubai, then there is a good news because you will be able to go to the United Kingdom very soon and for those who will be visiting the United Kingdom for the first time and you want to know all about it, then you have arrived at the right post, because here, we have described about some amazing facts about the United Kingdom, keep reading to get shocked and amazed;

  1. You must have called yourself a tea lover but far out in the world, there are millions of people in the United Kingdom that drink so much tea that you will say that they are the Lords of tea. You must be wondering that how much tea is consumed and we want to tell you that each day 165 million cups of tea is consumed in United Kingdom. That is a lot, innit?
  2. You think that you have learned more than one language and you have the title of being a bilingual or a trilingual and, in each country, there are more than one language that being spoken. But this fact will shock you because you should know that in United Kingdom, there are over 300 languages spoken. And being in United Kingdom, you will meet any people who have the nationality of the United Kingdom but they might be speaking a different kind of language.
  3. Now is the era of being digital and did you ever wonder that how people used to send messages to one another? They used to send each other post cards and letters but it was too difficult to reach at places until the stamps arrived. And you will be amazed to know that the first ever stamps were made in the United Kingdom and it was made in May in 1840 which has a picture of Queen Victoria on it.
  4. You must always have thought that Pyramids were the oldest thing in the world but the facts are totally changed because the Stonehenge in the United Kingdom go far back than the Pyramids because they were built in 3000 B.C and it is said to be a miracle.