Cheap versus serviced offices – choosing a feasible option

Are you looking for cheap office space in Dubai? If so, then you should think about other factors as well. For instance, finding a cheap office means that you may not get a furnished one. It would be difficult to find a furnished office at cheaper rates, though you just might find one by chance. The fact is that it is your decision to choose an office, and the decision will depend on requirements. Every entrepreneur has certain requirements. You may have those too, but to find those out, you should consider different factors. Choosing an office depends on the type of business you do. It also depends on the type of market you operate, and the competitors you have. Naturally, keeping all these factors in mind will help you find a suitable office near you. The question remains – whether a cheap office will suit your needs or a furnished office will be shortlisted. Continue reading to find out more:

Rent or lease

One of the first things you should know is whether you want to rent the office or get it on the lease? Though both are similar, the lease is a long term contract that will make you stay in the office for many years. On the other hand, the rental office may be just for a few years, but staying in one means that you are not bound by any contractual obligations. This means that you can switch to another office at will.


Simple or serviced?

It depends on your requirements. You can either choose a cheaper office if that’s what fits into your requirements and budget, or you can go for a serviced one if you have enough budget. However, if you are in the information technology business, then you should rent a furnished office. These offices come pre-equipped with cutting edge technologies, fixture, and furniture. Renting them means that you don’t have to spend extra money on installing these technologies.

Follow your requirements

It all comes down to what you need to have in the office. It is pertinent that you rent an office that offers equipment that you might need. Though you might get a cheaper office for less money, it will not offer any tech. Eventually, you will have to spend money on having it installed.

Keeping this in mind, it seems that serviced offices for rent in business bay is the better choice of the two. It will offer more value for your hard earned money.