5 Must-Do Preps For A Food Photo Shoot

The mouth-watering images and photos of food and dishes in restaurants are what entices customers to check out and try the food. But achieving those shots did not just happen overnight. In fact, certain level of preparation is needed to ensure that the team will be able to produce varieties of excellent food shot that can be used in restaurants menus and promotional campaign.


If you are thinking of having your dishes up for some snaps, then be sure to go through this list of prep tips:


  • Set a meeting with the whole team


The first thing that you need to do is to convene with your team and make a plan about the photo shoot. It would be best if you have a marketing person involved in the meeting since he will be the ones to supervise the shoot and ensure that every goal set for this project is met. During this meeting, you need to discuss with your team the lineup of the shoot: the theme, the creative group that will be hired to do the shoot, timeline, budget, etc.


It is important that everybody is onboard with the project so they will be aligned on the purpose of the project. And be sure to delegate task to each team member.


  • Prepare the ingredients at least the night before


The ingredients are the essential part of the shoot so it is a must the every items on the list of recipes are purchased and keep in a good place. As much of possible, buy three a piece of each ingredient. You will be needing this for the raw shots of ingredients, the test shots, the actual preparation, and for the stand in and hero food. Label the ingredients and group them according to use. Sorting the ingredients on the day of the shoot would eat up time.


  • Brief your photographer and food stylist about the shoot


Your food photographer and food stylist will be the key persons in the shoot so it is a must that you brief them about what are the requirements. It would be best to give them a copy of the ingredients, the recipe, the requirements set in the earlier meeting. This is for them to plan the shoot accordingly – from the styling to the shots needed.


  • Make a pre-prod meeting the night before

The night before the shoot, call the team for a quick update meeting. Check whether everything is in place. Have checklist of things to do and items needed so you will not miss anything.

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