Things to Consider in Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

Hosting a kid’s birthday party is not an easy as organizing an event for adults. You have to be extra careful on the details and logistics of the event for safety and health reasons. If you are planning to throw a birthday bash for your child, your little sibling or a very special kid in your life, please take time to read the following things that you have to consider in planning a kid’s birthday party.


  1. Food


Generally, children are picky with what they eat. They don’t like vegetables; they barely eat fruits; they like processed food and sweets more. Thus, parents have to “creatively” incorporate healthy foods on the types of meals they would serve for the guests. Also, it’s best not to serve soft drinks and alcohol to the adult guests.


  1. Entertainment


Kids are easy to please. While the usual clowns, mascots, face painters and magicians are good enough, you can also add new ways to entertain the little ones. Some companies offer extraordinary kids entertainment in Dubai including musical productions, kiddie bands, theatrical skits, kid-friendly dance numbers and more. Just be cautious with the types of professionals you would hire. Please remind them not to include extreme or violent acts on their performances to prevent children from copying them. An example of this is a magician that uses knives for his/her performance.


  1. Games


Children are vibrant, physical and competitive. The birthday games should not be too intense to prevent the kids from fighting. The games should also be organized, safe and appropriate to the age of the guests. Some cool game ideas for children are mummy wrap, drama game, paint a picture, guessing games, musical chairs, longest birthday greeting, and stop dance.


  1. Choice of Words


The host of the party must be very cautious with his/her choice of words. Kids have sharp memory. They easily remember and they normally repeat the words they hear from older people. For safety purposes, remind the host to avoid obscene talk, avoid cursing, and also refrain from saying foul jokes.


  1. Design


Kids love loud colors, cartoon characters, and patterns. Take note of these because you would need them on designing a children’s party.



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