What to expect when hiring a cleaning company

You have a full time job, have to cook, look after the kids, spend some time with friends and give yourself some rest. There’s no time to clean your house and you’re probably seeking help. It might also be that you own an office or a commercial place that you need help with. Cleaning companies offer different packages depending upon your need.

How to get started

First decide what category you fall into. Do you need to hire help for domestic, office, or commercial cleaning work? Every sanitizing cleaning company Dubai caters to a specific type of customer. Second thing you need to tell them is what level of cleaning you want? Are you looking for deep cleaning methods such as polishing, pressure wash, UV rays or just typical help with everyday chores. Usually, companies that provide deep cleaning services and regular cleaning are also separate.

How much cleaning do you want to get done? Decide upon the chores that the maid will be taking care of and how many days a week would they be attending. Usually, companies charge by work done per hour, so talk to the company about the number of chores they will be doing in a specific time. The time of the day is very flexible for house maids in large companies and you can set the time according to your job routine. However, private maids tend to less flexible with time but their rates are cheaper compared to big companies.

You can either choose a package from the company or customize your own. Once you’ve determined the chores and timing, ask them what they’ll charge you. If you’re satisfied with it, you should interview the maid(s) that will work at your home. You want to get to know who you’re inviting into your personal space and be comfortable with them.

Ask them questions. Will they bring their own equipment? Companies usually charge extra if they’re using their own supplies. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? Can you sign out or demand a different maid if you’re not satisfied with the results?

Cleaning companies usually provide good results and lift off the burden of housekeeping or commercial cleaning from your shoulders so that you can focus on more important tasks. Hiring a maid will save you lots of time and energy that you can use to refresh yourself. 

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