Types of Business Process Outsourcing

These days, almost every enterprise is seriously considering gleaning BPO in Dubai. However, the fact of the matter is that most of them are oblivious to the categorizations in BPO and that there’s much more to BPO than simply procuring outsourced order. Unless you are drilled into the ins and outs of BPO services, your endeavors will be futile. BPO services can be broken down into two broad categories:

Vertical services

When it comes to the outsourcing arena, vertical services are the fastest segment of growth since they serve to expand the outsourcing/BPO equation by offering ever sprawling avenues for companies to roll out new products and services. Vertical outsourcing even makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses to seamlessly integrate the competencies of their suppliers and outsourcers into their business models. Manufacturers often work on this approach where they redesign supply chains and incorporate them into their models. For instance, Nike has always concentrated more on development and design of new products, while outsourcing the marketing of their ‘core’ manufacturing process. A plethora of enterprises in the service industry are fast reaping the benefits of vertical outsourcing.

Horizontal services

BPO service providers are renowned for offering horizontal services to a specific industry niche or vertical, for instance Insurance and banking. A BPO outsourced provider may be considered an expert in providing outsourcing services to clients in a specific niche, but could also have the capability of offering myriad sorts of outsourcing service support to clients falling within a specific industry. Companies may be able to offer digitization services, scanning services, forms processing, data entry, chat support, email support, and inbound call center support simultaneously, all geared toward financial services and banking customers, but not to clients in another industry vertical.

The Most Common Services Offered By BPO Providers

  • SEO/Web Design: A plethora of credible BPO companies provide systematic search engine optimization and web design services for enterprises dabbling in legal, medical, and healthcare sectors. These services should ideally deal with every facet of SEO and web designing procedures. This greatly helps companies which aspire to build more search engine friendly and easily navigable websites to increase traffic and attract more clients.


  • Transcription services: Such services are suited to the operations of business, legal, and medical firms. Trained professionals are hired to transcribe the provided dictations, and it takes great efficiency to make sure that error-free transcripts are completed within strict deadlines.


  • Medical billing and coding: coding errors can result in denial of claims when it comes to medical bills and claims, thus leaving an adverse impact on the cash flow of medical facilities. An efficient and reliable outsourcing firm ensures a strict adherence to deadlines while helping to submit error-free data pertaining to medical billing and claims, boosting the reputation of the medical firm and offering customers maximum reimbursement benefits. Click here to learn more about the benefits of BPO services.