The World’s 7 Best Designed Cafes & Coffee Shops

Coffee is a universal favorite, from office workers that need a boost in energy, to writers burning the midnight oil to beat deadlines. For coffee lovers out there, a trip to these wonderfully designed coffee shops and cafes might just be the recreational activity you need. Not only do you get a cup of your favorite caffeinated drink, you also get to enjoy it in a spectacularly designed ambiance. So, here are some of the world’s top coffee shops and cafes offering an extraordinary view, ambiance, and cup of coffee.


Café Foam – Sweden

Featuring a design inspired by Spanish bull fighting, Café Foam in Stockholm, Sweden is characterized by bold shades of red. The vividly colored curtains, lights, pillows, and other accents are balanced by a sleek wooden theme present in the entire café.


Rocambolesc Café – Spain

Situated in Girona, Spain is the Rocambolesc ice cream café, the recipient of the Best Bar in Europe award in the 2013 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. The gelateria is usually associated with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, thanks to its playful and theatric design. Guests are sure to treat both their eyes and taste buds when visiting the famous ice cream parlor.


Café Ki – Japan

Café Ki in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is a Japanese coffee shop that is a far cry from the typical warm tones and plush furniture characterizing most coffee shops. Café Ki deviates from the norm by employing a  dubai restaurant design – predominantly black and white tones, and sleekly designed furniture pieces that barely take up any space. It draws inspiration from trees (ki means tree in Japanese), and aims to make guests feel as if they are sipping coffee while surrounded by nature.


Truth Café – South Africa

Truth Café in Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most captivating and striking coffee shops in the world. With a “steampunk” dubai kitchen design, this artisan coffee shop is accentuated and filled by metal pipes, old machinery parts, and other complex contraptions, creating a seemingly industrial atmosphere in a futuristic Victorian era. In addition to saw blades that serve as tables for guests, it is adorned by vintage typewriters and sewing machines.


Logomo Café – Finland 

Logomo Café in Turku, Finland is an artisan café designed to challenge the way people see things. A brainchild of German artist Tobias Rehberger, Logomo Café is filled with crisscrossing lines and stripes, which provide a sense of action and movement in a monotone environment. The walls, furniture, windows, and the ceiling are all coated with white paint, with dashes of alternating solid and thin black lines.