How to look for a trusted Courier Service

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2017-03-27

How to look for a trusted Courier Service

Despite the advancement of technology and presence of digital mailing, there are still times that we need to subscribe on the old-school snail mail or courier. Yes, that business is still alive. In fact, many businesses are still getting the services of trusted courier to deliver goods and documents. And most of them are not only delivery mails, but they are also added new services to widen the scope of their clients.

Today courier service also add cash on delivery service and return services to businesses.  Cash on delivery service in Dubai has been popular amongst business owners. A lot of buyers still opt to pay in cash which is why this new service makes sense.

Believe it or not, we still need the service of couriers. If you want to have one, you can read on these tips on how you can scout for an affordable and trusted mailer service.

  1. Make a list

First thing in order is to make a list of couriers near your area. Search the net and list down 5 – 10 couriers that you can check. If the search results are too many, narrow it down through proximity.  Once you have the list, go to website of each to check.

  1. Ask for references

Another way to look is to ask for reference from close friends and relatives. Casually ask them their courier providers and how was their service. You can instantly pick up hints if their provider is a good one based from your friends’ experience.

  1. Check the services

If you already have a list, check on the services each is offering. Having a courier service that offers a wide range of courier service is good. You will never know when you need a cheque collection or a door-to-door. In case the need arise, you know who to call.

  1. Check the pricing

The prices vary from one courier to another, and it would also depend on the services and package specification. Set a budget limit to yourself and check the courier service that is within your set budget. This is ideal if you are running a business.

  1. Check the reviews

The best way to know about a courier’s reputation is through its customers. Check out their rating and testimonials. Visit their website and social media accounts. You can see from there how they handle inquiries, concerns, and complaints. Delays in deliveries are inevitable sometimes, but the manner how it is handled show their professionalism and business etiquette.