4 Major Ways Your Dentist Can Help You

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2017-03-19

4 Major Ways Your Dentist Can Help You

Most people have a fear of the dentist. In fact, in the United States, about 9 to 15 percent of Americans – approximately 30 to 40 million people – cite dental anxiety and phobia as the main reasons they avoid going to their dentist.

On the other hand, the British Dental Health Foundation conducted a survey and found 36 percent of people do not regularly visit their dentist because of fear. In another survey, 6 percent of people who have not visited their dentist for 12 months claimed it is because of fear of pain – a reason shared mostly by adults aged 24 and above.

Are you one of these people who dread the thought of going to see their dentist? Here are top four reasons you should consider overcoming your fear and see your dentist more regularly:

  • Good oral hygiene – The best dentist in Dubai can help you adopt and maintain good oral habits that will keep your teeth clean, healthy and strong. Your dentist can educate you on how to properly brush and floss your teeth. Regular dental visits also allow your dentist to immediately identify possible cases of tooth decay or gum disease and address these before they get worse.
  • Malocclusion – Malocclusion is a dental condition where the teeth are misaligned or incorrectly positioned against each other. Types of malocclusion include underbite and overbite. Your dentist can help straighten your teeth through traditional orthodontic methods such as metal braces in Dubai. There are also modern options, like Invisalign.
  • Teeth whitening – Some people naturally have yellowish teeth due to genetics, while others acquire yellow teeth because of regular consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea. Smoking is also a major cause of teeth discoloration. If you are conscious about the color of your teeth, you can ask your dentist about the best method for whitening your teeth. It could be an in-office method, or you can opt to bring a teeth whitening kit home.

Oral surgery – Tooth extraction is a simple form of oral surgery. Oral surgery is done to address a number of dental and oral conditions affecting the teeth, mouth, and jaw. These include removal of decayed teeth, or installing implants and crowns to replace lost teeth. The most common types of oral surgery are root canal, dental implantation procedure, and maxillofacial surgery. Oral surgery generally requires the use of an anesthetic so patients are advised to bring someone to accompany them home after the procedure.