Things You Need To Do Before You Relocate

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2018-01-03

Things You Need To Do Before You Relocate

Moving to a new location is an exciting phase. Whether it is for a change in scenery or a big work opportunity, living in a new place can bring forth hope and new beginnings.

But before you can even settle in your new place, you need to ensure that you are able to tie loose ends in your previous location so you will not be haunted by past bills and other concerns when you move. Try this list of moving out pointers:

  • Process the change of address


Some homeowners process their change of address when they arrive in their new location. However, some companies and organizations take weeks to process such a request. By the time you relocate to your new house, some of these requests might still be under processing. This can lead to lost or misplaced mails and parcels not being delivered to the right address. It would be best to do this before you relocate. Two weeks before the move, notify credit card companies and other institutions of your impending move. Be sure to provide correct details so they can contact you should they need some clarifications.


  • Visit the new location


You probably got a glimpse of your new house and neighborhood when you purchased the house. But it is imperative that you do some in-depth research on the place so you can familiarize yourself before your arrival. It would be easier for you to adjust if you are familiar with the place. Take a mental note of the important establishments such as schools, hospitals, and grocery stores.


  • Schedule a moving out cleaning session


As homeowners, it is our responsibility to clean the space even after we move out. This is in respect to the property managers and to the next owner of the house. If you are preoccupied with your packing and relocating tasks, you can leave this task to the cleaning professionals. There are Dubai maintenance companies that offer moving out cleaning services to help homeowners clean up the property after they relocate.

  • Settle bills and utilities


One of the biggest mistakes of relocating homeowners is forgetting to settle the bills and utilities. Before they know it, the charge for late payments have already gone through the roof. Be sure to settle the balance and notify the utility company about your relocation, so they can cut the service after you move out and ensure that you are not being billed for utilities used by the following occupant of the house.