4 Smart Features in BIM Software Solutions

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2017-04-27

4 Smart Features in BIM Software Solutions

If you have a dream house, you have most likely tried to draw a floor plan for it, too. After all, designing your own space gives you a certain level of control over your immediate environment. Even designing your own room when you were a child was fun, right?

Have you ever wondered, then, how the architects, engineers, and carpenters constructed the house you live in or the office building you work at? Do you watch online videos on how they design, build, and maybe even demolish residential and commercial buildings?

While the older generations of building construction professionals relied on their own hand for making a house or building plan, design, and model, the architects and engineers of this generation benefit from and depend on Business Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. BIM software solutions like computer-aided design (CAD) tools provide a wide range of services through the following smart features.


3D Visualization

If you watch television shows on home renovation projects, you probably have a house design app installed on your smartphone. You do enjoy tinkering with the floor plans, walls, and even appliances on that phone app, right? The same goes for building professionals who use BIM tools. There’s Revit and AutoCAD and other software products that allow 3D visualization apart from designing the floor plans. These turn a 2D floor plan into a more concrete 3D visualization of a certain house or building. If you’re an architect who’s going to present this idea to a client, you’ll have a higher chance of selling your building plan with a 3D projection than with the usual 2D floor plan or blueprint.


Change Management

Apart from the design process, change management is also a risky part of the construction business. Certain factors like availability of materials, budget restrictions, and even the inclement weather can halt a construction anytime, so general contractors turn to construction cost management software for accurately modifying a project. This maximizes the venture’s resources and saves everyone’s time and efforts in the long run.


Construction Stimulation

To further help general contractors in the building process, BIM software solutions also feature construction stimulation. This is like 3D visualization, but instead of for the floor plan, it’s for the construction process itself. It factors in different allowable modifications to the existing building plans while it also determines the best cost savings scenarios. Construction environment safety for builders and everyone on the site is also considered.


Facilities Management

There are also tools on BIM for facility managers. For instance, more modern condominium designs allow facility managers to check building performance through energy and water consumption. This enables the building owners to remodel or improve certain building features and thus maximize a building’s life.


With these features, it’s no wonder that more leaders in the public sector have required builders to use BIM software solutions worldwide. Learn more about these smart tools to help your home, office, or building.