Things You Need to Know About Offset Printing

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2018-01-04

Things You Need to Know About Offset Printing

The Offset Printing or Offset Lithography is the most commonly used printing technology in the world. The companies which seek high quality of printing waste no time in using this technology. The print media industry use offset printing for printing stuff like newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, and many other marketing and advertising tools. The technology is used mostly by the bigger companies as it is considered quite expensive option, therefore companies don’t use it for printing flyers or business cards. With a number of companies offering offset printing solutions, offset printing in Dubai is quite popular with the companies in the United Arab Emirates.


Although, the offset printing technology is more popular with the bigger players due to its cost factor, there are still many other benefits that also attract medium and smaller companies to use it for their printing solutions. In offset printing, a computer creates the image of a label on a metal plate, which prints the image on to the paper. The metal plates play the central role in this technology as they shift the ink on to the rubber blankets, which push the ink further on to the printing material. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using offset printing.


  1. The offset printing solutions result in high-quality printed material. The person operating the printer should have the right kind of skills set and knowledge to control the ink flow, which guards against the risks of wasted prints and they don’t present enough contrast within the images. This way, you get clean and sharp images every time.
  2. The offset printing becomes cheaper as the size of the job gets bigger. The technology is considered cheaper than photogravure or rotogravure methods. These two methods are the best ones for producing top quality prints but the cost factor makes offset printing a better option in the end. The basic cost remains the same and this is why the bigger the printing volume is, the lesser the eventual cost becomes.
  3. The offset printing also offers faster printing especially on the higher volume job. The time gets consumed in the setting of the metal place and its equipment. The rest is all quick and steady.
  4. The plates used in offset printing technology are less expensive and despite the fact that each print job requires a customized printing plate for the project, the low cost of the metal plate allows the companies to bear the expense.
  5. One of the best advantages of going for offset printing is that it is compatible with a variety of printing surfaces. One can print one’s material on vinyl, metal, leather, paper, fabric, cardstock, plastic, and wood.


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