Low-Cost Interior Refresh Tricks for the Budget-Conscious Retailer

Maintaining a retail store includes making sure that it is visually attractive to buyers and store visitors. A nice-looking store can attract potential customers and also enhance your business brand. However, doing a full store overhaul can be costly and time-consuming.

But a lot of retail fit out companies in Dubai believe otherwise. Although a store overhaul would be the ideal option, cash-strapped retailers can still make their store outlets a must-see space by doing these interior design hacks:


  1. Go bold with the accent walls


This trick is definitely a must-do, especially if you are dealing with space constraints. Putting a vibrant-colored accent walls can create the illusion of a receding space and helps make the store look larger than it actually is. The accent wall can also add curb appeal to the store as you can design it to feature some of your best items and also add much-needed texture and pattern in the space.


  1. Try the window-like effect


The window-like effect refers to an interior design trick wherein the designer divides the space using design elements that can also create movement. This idea is perfect, especially if you want to divide a small space into two sans the wall. You can either use decorative drapes or design accents or partition that would creatively turn one space into two.


  1. Organize the whole space


This is probably the cheapest interior refresh trick that any retailers can do. A cluttered-looking retail store is not only an eyesore but it is also hard to navigate. Be sure to place the items in a way that the visitors can check it out. Also, refrain from putting too many items on the display. Select the products that you want to showcase and placed them according to priority.


  1. Be creative with the shelving


Most retailers are using traditional racks and glass shelves to place their products, but that is a bit common and predictable. Experts in retail interior design in Dubai recommend to spice up the space by using shelves that are unique and will also feature your products. For instance, if you are selling jewelry, you can use old frames with hook to display your products instead of using the old-school glass shelves.


  1. Maximize your walls


When you are dealing with an awfully small retail space, you need to be creative when it comes to display and storage. In this case, you need to think vertically. Make use of your walls by installing shelves and rack above the floor.