4 Fun Applications of 3D Printing

  • Posted by: itb9c
  • 2017-05-23

4 Fun Applications of 3D Printing

If you read online articles and browse social media sites regularly, you probably know what 3D printing is. It’s essentially a smarter technological tool for creating art, models, and other smart industry applications. It allows experts to materialize their ideas and sell them to investors, all while keeping the environment safer and spending lesser time creating 3D models.


However, like most technologies available today, 3D printing is not limited to the stiff, serious applications. It does provide a better life for patients who need prosthetic limbs and medical students who familiarize with all the internal organs. It serves as a great tool for these fun applications, too.


Fashion Accessories

Self-expression is considered an important aspect of good psychological health. While 3D printing cannot print expressions of feelings (at least not yet), it does allow people to express themselves through fashion. This is not for everyone of course, but most artistic individuals do have their sets of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and a whole range of other fashion accessories that they cannot just live without. Through 3D printing, they can design more ambitious pieces for their own use, or even for business.


Smartphone Cases

In relation, since most tech-savvy people today are basically married to their smartphones, 3D printing has been found to be useful in designing and making smartphone cases. There are even designs of cases that also serve as a ruler, card holder, or a multi-functional tool. It’s amazing how most people invest in these, after all, and they find comfort in knowing that 3D printing can help them achieve their smartphone case goals.


Educational Toys

Providers of 3D printing Dubai locals recommend also create educational toys for clients. A lot of younger students benefit from this, and even infants and toddlers who are just developing their senses are covered. Educational toys facilitate child development, after all, and a lot of educators appreciate how 3D printing technology allows them to better teach their students in the classroom. Play time is essential, after all, and 3D printed toys do have its advantages for children. Some parents even 3D print their child’s drawings, producing a life-like caricature of their child’s colorful imagination.


School Projects

While not everyone has access to 3D printers, students who do have a functioning 3D printer at home find their tool useful in school projects. Engineering and architecture students in particular benefit from this. They will design their thesis or project, tie the file up in their 3D printer, and do away with the long hours of building a scale model of a building, home, or facility. Students can even make a guitar, flute, or other musical instruments if they need to.


If you need creative 3D printing services for these similar applications, you can go to a print shop Dubai artists recommend and ask about how they can help you.